International Service-Learning Programs, Internships, and Work Opportunities


AIESEC offers thousands of opportunities for students and recent graduates to work, intern, and pursue service-learning opportunities abroad. In 2014, our global network created over 30,000 exchange experiences. Since 1948, AIESEC has sought to create more and more meaningful journey’s for young people to propel them into a global understanding and equip them wil useful skills. All of this is bound by a commitment to our mission of creating peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential.

Global Volunteer


Volunteering where it’s needed the most

Volunteer Abroad

Global Talent


Internships to jumpstart your career

Intern Abroad

How it works

Our process can take as little as 1 week, but typically takes around 1 month from application to finding your program. More prepared and proactive students will find their timeline to be more efficient.



Apply online to a Global Volunteer or Global Talent. Your application is processed and sent to a representative at the local chapter of AIESEC nearest to you. You should be contacted within 3-5 days. If you’re qualified for an service learning program, internship,  or work opportunity, you will be interviewed in-person or virtually to further evaluate your candidacy for our programs.



If you’re fully accepted, you’ll be able to access our platform. Here, an Exchange Participant Manager will help you connect to a project from one of our thousands of partner organizations. These opportunities are available to every young person in Morocco.



Your Exchange Participant Manager will help you find an opportunity that you’re qualified for and interested in. Different opportunities have different requirements for language proficiency, skill-set, and many others. If you have applied to and been accepted to a specific opportunity, you can choose to accept the offer and be “approved” on it. At this point, you will be able to pay the totality of the fees of the Product.



Once you’ve touched down at your final destination, your experience can begin as you discover the local community and yourself with the help of AIESEC members there to offer support and resources. Wherever your journey takes you, AIESEC is dedicated to providing high-quality experiences.


We offer cost-effective programs to fit student’s needs. Please note that our fees do not cover visas, airfare, or insurance. AIESEC does and will provide assistance in purchasing all of these, however.


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