Being a part of AIESEC is like joining a massive community of globally-minded young leaders. People in Morocco who want to grow their own potential while contributing to something much greater than themselves. We give you immediate responsibilities so you can learn by doing, step outside your comfort zone and experience both success and failures amongst a supportive community. If you’re keen on activating your potential and contributing to a mission that changes the world, then we’re looking for you. We can’t promise you that it’ll be easy, but it sure will be worth it.

GLOBAL LEADER Program steps

Team Member and Team Leader programs help you explore your potential, and develop 4 traits of Leadership: Self-awareness, World Citizen, Solution-oriented, Empower others.

Team Member Role

If you are an ambitious person looking for Leadership Development opportunities, we have a role for you. The experience of being a team member helps you understand how to solve complex problems, work in a team, developing your people skills and being able to communicate with others. Gain a greater sense of self-awareness your strengths and weaknesses. Realize your unique role and how you contribute to the bigger picture. Examples of roles range across sales, operations, marketing, finance and talent management.

Team Leader Role

Demonstrate your ability to lead others and challenge yourself to become responsible for the development of others. By leading others, you will grow your leadership potential to motivate others, run large teams, and access advanced training and development opportunities. You will gain a deeper understanding of your identity as a leader, and the ability to connect with a global network of youth and professionals. Examples of roles include functional team leaders, leaders of university chapters, and even leading a country or territory.

Compliment your studies with a volunteer position with AIESEC. You’ll be quickly given responsibilities to run AIESEC at your campus. By getting actively involved in the day-to-day running of AIESEC, you will develop your communication and business skills while growing your network of contacts.

The future requires leaders and thinkers who are able to work across different cultures and geographies. Gain the confidence, skills and networks that empower your success. Turn your usual routines into exciting adventures that will take you around the world with a support community of students and young leaders. Challenge yourself and activate your fullest potential. Being a member of AIESEC isn’t easy, but it is one of the most valuable experiences you can have while still in school.

Is AIESEC present in my city?


To be eligible for Global Leader Program, you need to be:

  • A student, or recent graduate (within two years) from a Moroccan school or university
  • Availability for AIESEC Responsibilities & meetings
  • Between 18 and 29 years old
  • Able to speak and understand English language
  • To have an experience in volunteering and students unions ‘BDE’ (optional)
  • Proactive, adaptable, able to be solution-oriented, and a good team-player.
  • Most importantly, ENJOY your experience!

Have questions? Check out the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about Global Leader here.

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