You want to live a life changing experience abroad with AIESEC?

What is Global Volunteer Program ?

The Global Volunteer Program is a 6 weeks volunteering internship abroad open to Moroccan youth. It enables young people to directly impact communities abroad in the areas of Education, Health, Culture, Environment, and Social Entrepreneurship, it also helps them to develop themselves personally and professionally by gaining practical skills and by experiencing a new culture.

This program is open all year long, available in many countries around Europe, Africa, Asia and South America.

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Each year we are providing Thousands of Projects divided into these five issues :



Share your culture with the world, break the stereotypes about the world and spread the tolerance among local communities abroad.



Raise in awareness across the world on health issue, teach and learn how to keep fit and have a healthy life abroad.

Social Entrepreneurship


Put your business knowledge to practice: learn and contribute to an NGO or small business abroad.



Share and gain experience from a global perspective concerning environmental sustainability issues.



Bring your international perspective on world issues to the classroom: make education accessible worldwide.


AIESEC is present in 126 countries and territories around the globe, though we focus on creating volunteer opportunities in developing and culturally rich countries.

Most popular countries to volunteer in :

Asia : India, Malaysia, Indonesia…

Europe : Ukraine, Russia…

Africa : Egypt, Senegal, Tunisia…

South America : Brazil, Mexico…

And many more other countries.


Since 2010, Over 850 Moroccans aged between 18 and 30 y/o participated in this program with AIESEC in Morocco. This number is growing day after day:

Check the Previous Global Volunteers shared about this Program :

Why Volunteering Abroad ?

Challenge Yourself

Experience intense personal and professional development on a Global Citizen internship. Acquire real-world leadership skills such as communication, critical thinking and adaptability in a challenging cultural environment.

Think Globally and Gain an international experience

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce ranks lack of globalization as one of the top barriers to Canadian competitiveness. By developing a better understanding of our globalized world, you will be ahead of the game and valued by employers.

Social Impact

Contribute to a company abroad through a Global Citizen internship to directly improve the lives of the community.


To be eligible for Global Citizen Program, you need to be:

  • Available for a minimum period of 6 weeks.
  • Between 18 and 30 years old
  • Able to speak and understand basic English language
  • Proactive, flexible, solution-oriented, and a good team player
  • Most importantly, ENJOY your experience!

You want to live a life changing experience abroad with AIESEC?

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